Premiere Gala of the short feature film Anatomía Radiológica (Radiological Anatomy)


Students from the Medical Imaging Program held a Premiere Gala to present the short feature film Anatomía Radiológica (Radiological Anatomy). The gala was celebrated on Friday, December 16, at 6:00 p.m., in the main lobby of the UCC.

As part of the Radiographic Procedures III course taught by Prof. Elaine Ruiz-Izcoa, students are required to produce a video demonstrating skills learned. Different pathologies or fractures are assigned, with which through the creative process a script must be created, where “before, during and after” patient scenarios must be developed. Excellent work was on display, but one feature in particular transcended the standard parameters, becoming an excellent educational short film.

The short feature film Anatomía Radiológica was made with the participation of Edgar Allan Miranda, Mariangeli Rivera, Karla Alexandra Loyola and Keila Denisse Santos, all UCC second year Medical Imaging Program students, with the collaboration of a group of professional actors, who were able to present a most interesting, agile, realistic and quite educational achievement. The script was written by Edgar Allan Miranda and the film was directed by Richard Axtmayer.

The main speaker that night was Dr. José Rafael Moscoso-Álvarez, Medical Imaging Program Director. Dr.  Moscoso-Álvarez, in close collaboration with the Office of Institutional Development and Alumni and its Director, Mrs. Yvonne Corsino, were able to offer a truly starry gala.

During this spectacular event, a special tribute was given to the great Puerto Rican filmmaker Luis Molina Casanova. As an added gracious note, attendees donated toys to the Hogar Niñito Jesús.