Aníbal J. Valentín

Assistant ProfessorAnibal Valentin
Ph.D., 2011; Rutgers University (New Jersey)
ORCID #0000-0002-5959-3184


Academic Department(s)
Microbiology and Immunology


Research Area
Molecular Immunology
Immune System
B lymphocytes
Viral-host interactions


Research Interest

Our lab is interested in studying the signaling pathways activated in immune cells in response to viral infections. Particularly, we focus on how these pathogens affect normal immune function leading to the development of disease.

Lymphocytes and other cells of the immune system are constantly surveilling our body and responding to pathogens, the environment and even other cells. The process of integrating these signals will determine how they will respond and eventually defend or harm us. Our lab is interested in studying how B cells respond to viral antigens and how this can affect their function or lead to the development of diseases such as cancer. We are currently studying a C-Type lectin receptor that serves as a receptor for several arboviruses including Dengue and Zika. We have found that activation of this receptor using viral antigens and other ligands affects the expression of pro and anti-apoptotic genes influencing B cell survival. Our current goals are (1) to characterize specific signaling pathways that leads to these changes in gene expression as a way to better understand how B cells respond to these viruses and (2) identify novel biomarkers and potential drug targets to conditions such arboviral infections, and immune cancers

Non-peer reviewed
1. A. Valentín Acevedo. ¿Es nuestra responsabilidad vacunarnos? (Is it our responsibility to get vaccinated). November 24, 2015. El Nuevo Día (online version).

2. A. Valentín Acevedo. La ley y el derecho a vacunar (The law and the right to vaccinate). November 25, 2015. El Nuevo Día (online version).


Contact Information

Universidad Central del Caribe
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