Clinical Researchers

Oscar Adorno, D.C.
Biology of Manual Therapies


Ibis Carrión, Psy.D.
Effects of Drug Abuse


Fernando Entenza, M.D.
Alzheimer’s Epidemiology


Briseida E. Feliciano, M.D.
Alzheimer’s Disease 


Wanda Figueroa, M.D.
Immune restoration of HAART in HIV-infected
Puerto Rican children


Angelisa Franceschini, M.D.
PSA levels in Puerto Rican males


Robert Hunter, M.D.
HIV/HCV co-infection


Angel Mayor, M.D.
Risk reduction intervention as a secondary
HIV co-morbidity prevention


Christine Miranda, Ph.D.
HIV/AIDS & Cancer Prevention Research


Yelitza Ruiz, M.D.
Oncology Clinical Research