Timothy Hendricks

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2003, Case Western Reserve University
Academic Department(s)

Research Area
Research Interest
Molecular Neurobiology

Selected Publications 
Identification of multiple subsets of ventral interneurons and differential distribution along the anteroposterior axis of the developing spinal cord. Francius C, Harris A, Rucchin V, Hendricks TJ, Stam FJ, Barber M, Kurek D, Grosveld FG, Pierani A, Goulding M and Clotman F.  PLoS One. 2013 Aug 15;8(8):e70325.
Renshaw cell interneuron specialization is controlled by a temporally restricted transcription factor program. Stam F, Hendricks TJ, Zhang J, Geiman EJ, Fracius C, Labosky PA, Clotman F, Goulding M.  Development. 2012 Jan;139(1):179-90.

Distinct transcriptomes define rostral and caudal serotonin neurons.  Wylie CJ, Hendricks TJ, Zhang B, Wang L, Lu P, Leahy P, Fox S, Maeno H, Deneris ES.  J Neurosci. 2010 Jan 13;30(2):670-84.

Pet-1 ETS gene plays a critical role in 5-HT neuron development and is required for normal anxiety-like and aggressive behavior.  Hendricks TJ, Fyodorov DV, Wegman LJ, Lelutiu NB, Pehek EA, Yamamoto B, Silver J, Weeber EJ, Sweatt JD, Deneris ES. Neuron. 2003 Jan 23;37(2):233-47

The ETS domain factor Pet-1 is an early and precise marker of central 5-HT neurons and interacts with a conserved element in serotonergic genes. Hendricks T, Francis N, Fyodorov D, Deneris E.  J Neurosci 1999 Dec 1;19(23):10348-10356.

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Universidad Central del Caribe
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e-mail: thendricks@bayamon.inter.edu