Timothy Hendricks

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2003, Case Western Reserve University
Academic Department(s)

Research Area
Research Interest
Molecular Neurobiology

Dr. Hendricks studies the molecular mechanisms that govern the development of neurons in the ventral spinal cord that form the motor circuits required for different forms of locomotion.  He is currently examining the differentiation of dI6 interneurons, which are part of this ventral motor circuit and affect the organization of different locomotor patterns.  Dr. Hendricks’ goal is to determining the role of a zinc-finger nucleic acid binding protein Wt1, which has not been well studied in the spinal cord. Students will be using Wt1 transgenic mice and overexpression studies to better understand how Wt1 influences the phenotype of dI6 interneurons.  


Contact Information
Universidad Central del Caribe
P.O. Box 60327
Bayamón, PR 00960-6032
e-mail: thendricks@bayamon.inter.edu