Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

This committee meets at least twice a year (February and August) and is responsible for monitoring the Institution’s animal care and use program, performing the semiannual inspection (March and September) of the Institution’s animal use areas, and ensuring that there are no deviations from approved animal use protocols that adversely affect animal welfare. This committee is authorized to suspend an activity involving animals if it determines that the activity is not being conducted in accordance with applicable provisions of the Animal Welfare Act, the Guide, and the PHS Policy.

This committee also reviews and approves, requires modifications in, or withholds approval of all protocols related to the care and use of animals at the Universidad Central del Caribe.

Chair: Zilka Ríos



Dr. Juan P. Amieiro, Veterinarian
Luisa Molina, Community Member
Krishna Baksi, Ph.D.
Misty Eaton, Ph.D.
Pedro Ferchmin, Ph.D.
Legier Rojas, Ph.D.
Priscila Sanabria, Ph.D.
Thomas Schikorski, Ph.D.
Lic. Betzaida Torres, A.H.T.



Perdiem del CRA-UCC- 2016.04.12[2]



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