Specialized Neuroscience Research Program

The Specialized Neuroscience Research Program (SNRP) at the Universidad Central del Caribe is funded and supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

The purpose of SNRP is to augment and strengthen the research capabilities of the faculty and students at minority institutions such as the Universidad Central del Caribe by supporting the development of new or the enhancement of ongoing basic and clinical neuroscience research projects and programs.

1. Develop a state-of-the-art neuroscience research program
2.  Create more opportunities of researchers to establish collaborations and professional networks
3.  Increase the role of ongoing research in maintaining a vigorous, stimulating academic intellectual milieu that will inspire and prepare students and fellows to pursue research careers in neuroscience.
4.  Provide support for the pilot research that can help obtain the necessary preliminary data to obtain research grants.

Investigators and Collaborators

Program Advisory Committee
This committee meets annually in Puerto Rico to evaluate the program progress
using the following criteria:
1. Number and quality of papers published in peer-reviewed journals
2. Grant proposals submitted by and awarded to SNRP Scientists

The Committee advises the SNPR director about the future direction of the program, about personnel matters and allocation of resources.
The Committee also advises the UCC President on aspects of institutional development.



Dr. Michael Zigmond
University of Pittsburg

Dr. Marie-Francoise Chesselet
David Geffen School of Medicine
Dr. Jose Lemos
University Massachusetts Medical School
Dr. Lee Limbrid
Fisk University

Mentoring Committee

Dr. Rodrigo Andrade
Wayne State University
Dr. Maria Bykhovskaia
SNRP Program Director
Dr. Vesna Eterovic
Biochemistry Department, UCC
Dr. Richard Hann
Chair of the Biochemistry Department, UCC
Dr. J. Troy Littleton
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SNRP Administration