Office of Research Development

To support and increase research participation by faculty and students


1) increase the institution’s capability to obtain non-minority external funding;
2) increase the number of publications in peer reviewed journals;
3) increase the amount of interdisciplinary interinstitutional research collaborations;
4) promote faculty involvement in research activities
The Office is responsible for strengthening the human and physical resources at UCC.  This is accomplish with the following programs and activities


Brainstorming Seminar Series
The Series aims to increase the number of internal research collaborations

During these seminars faculty present their research projects and obtain feedback from peers.

Volunteer to present your research

Faculty Pilot Projects Program
The UCC EARDA Pilot Project Program supports small research projects that can be carried out in a short period of time with limited resources.  The grant mechanism supports different types of projects that will result in the submission of grant applications to funding agencies.


The Office of Research Development is supported by an EARDA program grant from the National Institutes of Health