Jan Benedikt

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2009; Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
ORCID #0000-0002-9433-3759

Academic Department(s)

Research Area

Research Interest
“Bidirectional neuro-glial signaling in the hippocampus”
Dr. Benedikt’s goal is to determine the role of glial polyamines in the regulation of the neuronal networks in the brain. Astrocytes are the major cell type in the brain responsible for maintaining extracellular homeostasis of potassium ions and neurotransmitters. The hypothesis is that glial cells are the principle cells responsible for storage and release of polyamines and that polyamine release from astrocytes may have critical neuromodulatory and neuroprotective effects. The project employs electrophysiology and dye propagation experiments, cell culture, immunohistochemistry, siRNA transfection and other suitable techniques. Students will we involved in cell culture and dye propagation experiments.


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Universidad Central del Caribe
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Tel.: (787) 798-3001 x 2057
e-mail: jan.benedikt@uccaribe.edu