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Data Management and Stadistical Research Support Unit

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Researchers and Research Personnel

DMSRSU Principal Investigator

Diana M. Fernández Santos, EdD., MS.
Principal Investigator DMSRSU
Co-Principal Investigator RRC
Assistant Professor and UCC Researcher
Epidemiologist and Instruction and Curriculum Specialist



DMSRSU Co-Principal Investigator

Wanda I. Figueroa- Cosme, MD
Co-Principal Investigator DMSRSU
Associate Professor and UCC Researcher



RRC Principal Investigator

Robert F. Hunter Mellado, MD, FACP, MS
Principal Investigator Retrovirus Research Center Leadership Core
Director UCC Clinical Research Center
Professor and UCC Researcher



Data Analysis and Consultant sub-unit

Angel M. Mayor Becera, MD, MS
Coordinator of the Data Analysis and Consultant Sub-unit
Assistant Professor and UCC Researcher
Senior Epidemiologist


Raul O. Ramon, MS
Data Analyst and Quality Control Assistant



Geronimo Maldonado, MPH



Johanna Maysonet, BSHE, MPHE(c)
Community Health Educator
Research Associate




Quality Control sub-unit

Miriam Velazquez, MS
Evaluator of Research of Health Systems
Coordinator of the Quality Control Sub-Unit



Christine Miranda, MPHE
Public Health Educator
Research Associate




Data Management and Abstraction sub-unit

Gisela Cesteros, BS
Social Worker
Coordinator of the Data Management and Abstraction Sub-Unit
Data Abstractor and Interviewer



Heidy Ortiz, BS
Social Worker
Data Abstractor and Interviewer




Glenda Ortiz, BS
Social Worker
Data Abstractor and Interviewer





Data Entry sub-unit

Wanda Marin
Coordinator of the Data Entry Sub-Unit
Data Entry




Administrative and Computer System sub-unit

Magaly Torres-Talavera, MS
Administrative Coordinator/Database Administrator
Information System Specialist





María de los A. Gómez, PhD
University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus

Sonia Napravnik, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Shrikant I. Bangdiwala, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill