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Our evolution as a Data Management and Statistical Research Support Unit is delineated by transformations that underline our capacity as a HIV Data Core to enhance our capacities to deal with new and upcoming research challenges.



Recognizing the increasing number of patients with AIDS in Puerto Rico, an effort was done to create the HIV Central Registry as a tool to study the natural history of the disease.



The HIV Central Registry became not only a data bank but a more resourceful research tool.



The HIV Central Registry became the HIV Data Core. This core included the following activities: management of databanks, consulting and training, collaborations and infrastructure with different subunits.



As collaborative infrastructure efforts, HIV Data Core also became the Data Core of the PR-CCHD. Within this collaborative multi-institutional effort, the Data Core has been providing data management, data collection, and research methodology support for the pilot projects and researchers of the PR-CCHD.

Recognizing the issue of health disparities/health inequities among our population, the HIV Data Core became the HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Health Disparities Data Core. Its aims were:

  • To establish and consolidate a research infrastructure to provide data management and

analysis to HIV/AIDS researchers.

  • To monitoring changes in the spectrum of HIV/AIDS disease in the Puerto Rican population.
  • To emphasize in the interplay HIV and drug use.
  • To emphasize in health disparities issues.



In order to accomplish the recommendations of the External Advisory Committee, the HIV Data Core becomes the Data Management and Statistical Research Support Unit (DMSRSU).