Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

The office provides research support personnel in the areas of pre- and post-grant award administration, sponsored program administration and institutional compliance.  Priorities for the office include fostering research activities, aiding in the recruitment and retention of faculty, and increasing research activity.  Additionally the office coordinates and oversees all academic and research endeavors of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences.


To develop an administrative structure that promotes and facilitates organized scientific investigation and graduate studies.

Editorial Assistance




Dra. Delia Camacho                                  
Delia M. Camacho, Ph.D.                         Ivonne Amill     
Associate Dean                                      Senior Sponsored Research Administrator
787-798-3001 x2150                              787-798-3001 x2093
delia.camacho@uccaribe.edu                   ivonne.amill@uccaribe.edu
Vicmag Cabrera                                       Jennifer Guzmán                      
Sponsored Program Officer                       Administrative Coordinator      
787-798-3001 x2178                                787-798-3001 x2043
vicmag.cabrera@uccaribe.edu                   jennifer.guzman@uccaribe.edu
Lissette Arroyo                                         Eveneida Rodríguez
Graduate Program Coordinator                   Student Service Coordinator
787-798-3001 x2151                                 787-798-3001 x2162
lissette.arroyo@uccaribe.edu                     eveneida.rodriguez@uccaribe.edu