ImageMasterPlatinum, PDQuest and QuantityOne (Bio-Rad)

ImageMaster 2D Platinum v7.0 offers a flexible interface for the comprehensive visualization, exploration, and analysis of 2-D gel data from non-DIGE technologies.

PDQuest software offers powerful comparative gel analysis. Sophisticated analysis tools reveal subtle differences among gels being analyzed (for example, studying the effect of variables such as heat shock, growth media, dose-response, and time course).

Quantity One,  is a powerful, flexible software package for imaging and analyzing 1-D electrophoresis gels, dot blots, slot blots, and colonies. Quantity One can quantitate and analyze a wide variety of biological data, including radioactive, chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and color-stained samples acquired from densitometers, phosphor imagers, fluorescent imagers, and gel documentation systems.