Systems for IEF and 2D Page


The Biomedical Proteomics Facility (BPF) is equipped with a wide range of instruments and facilities for protein extraction, separation and analysis. Numerous electrophoretic devices are present, enabling SDS-PAGE, 2D-PAGE and 2D DIGE in formats ranging from 7 cm (BioRad Tetra cells), to 11 cm (BioRad Criterion cells), up to 24 cm (GE Healthcare instrumentation).  Several choices are provided for protein detection, from visual staining with coomassie or silver and digitalization with scanning techniques (ImageScanner III), to imaging of fluorescent and chemiluminescent signals (BioRad Versadoc MP). Different image analysis softwares are also available (GE Healthcare ImageMaster Platinum, BioRad QuantyOne and PDQuest).


Bio-Rad Criterion Dodeca Cell 

The Criterion Dodeca cell has the capacity to run up to 12 handcast or Criterion precast gels simultaneously. Criterion gels accommodate 11 cm ReadyStrip IPG strips to give the optimal combination of separation and speed in 2-D electrophoretic applications.



Bio-Rad Protean IEF cell system

The systems is design for isoelectric focusing (IEF) proteins immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips for the first dimension of two-dimensional (2-D) electrophoresis.