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VIVO manual Data Entry

VIVO is an open-source, semantic web application that enables the discovery of research and scholarship across disciplines at an institution. VIVO is populated with detailed profiles of faculty and researchers, displaying items such as publications, teaching, service, and professional affiliations. VIVO brings together publicly available information on the people, departments, graduate fields, facilities, and other resources that collectively make up the research and scholarship environment at an institution. The data can then be disseminated to applications and external websites which utilize semantic web-compliant data.
This document is intended to provide guidance to people who will be entering information into a VIVO installation either directly via a VIVO profile page or through the back end of the system itself. As future versions of the software are released, functional changes to the interface or data entry methods are likely to change and will, therefore, impact the accuracy of the content and graphics contained in this document. Please refer to http://vivoweb.org for the most recent version of supporting materials for the VIVO application. (Sep 09, 2011)

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VIVO_UserGuide_ManualDataEntry_V1.1 (Document created Aug 10, 2010)