Clinical Therapeutic Massage Program
Mission & Goal


The mission of the Clinical Therapeutic Massage Program at the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) is to educate entry level students as well-rounded massage therapists to be member of an integrated and interdisciplinary healthcare system, and becoming leaders in the field, elevating the standards of practice, and expanding the profession through evidence based practices.


  1. To offer the opportunity to every qualified individual, regardless of race, creed, national origin and gender to seek the experiences, competencies, challenges, and knowledge that is required to perform as a clinical therapeutic massage professional.
  2. To provide students with broad experiences and academic support in the academic and clinical aspects to allow them to develop and integrate knowledge, and develop competencies and attitudes needed for the optimum performance of his/her skills; being capable of working as members of an integrated and interdisciplinary healthcare team, as well as an independent healthcare professional.
  3. To contribute to the students’ development in the personal, professional and humanistic aspects through academic counseling, support services and complementary activities.
  4. To support Puerto Rico’s clinical therapeutic massage professionals through the development of continued education activities, becoming lifetime learners.

UCC Clinical Therapeutic Massage Program has a qualified faculty in the therapeutic massage matter as well as in other medical, biological, psychosocial and general education content areas. Faculty members strive to give a complete education to students, thus enabling him/her to offer a better service to patients in different scenarios: hospital, hospice, wellness clinics, sport venues and outpatient clinics. Graduates of UCC Clinical Therapeutic Massage Program will be identified by their work based in scientific knowledge, clinical competence, and healthcare teamwork readiness, with enriched values as honesty, empathy and respect, together with the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior.