Medical Images Technology Program

The Medical Images Technology Program was established with the mission of To educate and train qualified personnel in the field of medical imaging technology, to provide direct service to patients using the latest in medical imaging modalities, with pride for the profession, compassion and empathy for patients and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.”  The program has the purpose of educating and training qualified personnel to provide direct service to patients in need for images for medical diagnosis through the use of sophisticate equipment in a multidisciplinary environment, covering the need for these health professionals in Puerto Rico.  The program confers an Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Medical Images; and Post-Associate degree Certificates in:  Mammography, Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, Computerized Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance.  All the academic offerings are based on the professional principle of providing students with a comprehensive education, comprised of structured and meaningful learning experiences through a didactic and clinical competency based education.  The program curriculum, (see MITP Student Handbook) both didactic and clinical courses, encompass the required contents and academic experiences deemed necessary for the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes expected from a competent and compassionate health care professional capable of performing as an effective member of the interdisciplinary team.


The Medical Images Technology Program aims to:

  • Provide the opportunity to every qualified student, regardless of race, creed, national origin and gender to seek the experiences, competencies, challenges, and knowledge that are required of an entry level professional in the medical images field.
  • Provide students with broad experiences and academic support in the didactic and clinical aspects to allow them to develop and integrate knowledge, and develop competencies and attitudes needed for the optimum performance of the gained skills.
  • Contribute to the students’ development in the personal, professional and humanistic aspects through academic counseling support services and complementary activities.
  • Support Puerto Rico’s radiography professionals through the development of continuing education activities and the attainment of lifelong learning.


The Medical Images Technology Program counts with an extensive clinical affiliate’s network.  In these clinical training sites, the student under direct and rigorous supervision is capable of acquiring and refining its skills to perform as an excellent health care professional.  The clinical affiliate’s network comprises a series of state of the art diagnostic facilities with competent professionals in the medical imaging field.  Students are immersed into the development of clinical skills since the first year in the Medical Imaging Technology Program.


Program Effectiveness

To assure transparency and accountability to the general public, the  Program’s 2013-2015 Assessment Plan  is available for review.


Three of the most relevant Programs’ effectiveness outcomes are to be reported annually:

1. Licensing Examination Pass rate: Puerto Rico Radiologic Technologist Examination Board


  • Licensing Examination results for Radiologic Technologists
  •  Passing rate of 75% for first-time takers in the PRRTEB test within the first year after graduation (5 year’s average)
  •   64%

2. Credentialing Examination Pass rate: American Registry Of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT)


  • Credential Examination results for Radiologic Technologists
  •  Passing rate of 50% for first-time takers in the ARRT for students voluntarily taking this examination within  six (6) months after graduation (Last five years average
  • 38%

Program Completion Rate


  • Program completion rate (Retention Rates) in the Associate Degree
  •  Completion rate of above 75% in 150% of the expected time allowance.
  •  75%


4Job Placement Rate


  • Job placement rate for the Associate Degree
  •  Job placement rate for those actively seeking employment of over 75% in twelve (12) months after graduation
  •   91%