Egresados de UCC frente al COVID-19

Los profesionales de la salud egresados de la Universidad Central del Caribe son parte de los equipos que están en primera línea de lucha contra la pandemia del COVID-19. Uno de ellos, el Dr. Luis A. Pellicia, de la clase del 2001. A continuación su mensaje:
I am currently Chairman of Emergency Medicine, Stroke Center Medical Director, Chest Pain Center Medical Director for Laredo Medical Center, and Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Incarnate Word School of Ostheopatic Medicine. I have been for the last 10 years in Laredo Texas serving this mostly Latino community. We are 150 miles in any direction from the biggest city, San Antonio and Corpus Christy. We are the largest emergency center and hospital in the region and we have two COVID-19 units fully functional, including an ICU dedicated to these patients. Being such a small community roughly 400,000 we are very intertwined with the needs of the city and the shortage of specialists. Nonetheless work along a fine group of emergency physicians that day in and day out put their lives on the line and perform an array of lifesaving procedures to get this patients to the critical care units in the safest and more stable way possible. We provide first line backup for intubations, central lines, chest tubes and other procedures in the ICU, whether is Covid-19 units or regular medical units. Can’t say enough how proud I am to be able to share with my Alma Mater how we can make a difference so far away from home.