The Universidad Central del Caribe Celebrates its 40th Commencement Ceremony

Students, family, faculty and employees of the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) proudly celebrated the University’s 40th Commencement Ceremony.

During the event, Mr. Joaquin Arbona Lago, President of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Jose Ginel Rodriguez, President of the University, representing the university community, conferred two academic distinctions, DOCTOR HONORIS CAUSA IN PUBLIC HEALTH, to Mr. Ramon Luis Rivera Rivera, past Mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Bayamon, and PROFESSOR EMERITUS, to Dr. Ramon A. Suarez, Professor and past Director of the Department of Family Medicine and Communal Health of the UCC.

Mr. Ramon Luis Rivera Rivera has been a public servant characterized by his comprehension that the work of a Mayor is that of a social worker. He promoted the common good for all citizens. He took the appropriate measures and attended those difficulties that constituted social deficiencies. Among his priorities were family health, the reason for which he gave particular attention to the elderly and children, dividing the city into four regions, and establishing a first class Medical Emergency system, to guarantee the excellence of health services to the citizens. The health system of the city of Bayamon has been identified as the best during the last quarter of the 20th Century.

Dr. Ramon Suarez entered the Faculty of the School of Medicine of the UCC in 1981, where he reached the level of Professor and served as Director of the Department of Family Medicine and Communal Health for 25 years. Dr. Suarez dedicated a great deal of effort toward the development and strengthening of the Department of Family Medicine and Communal Health, making it the axis it has become to the unwritten mission of the School of Medicine, which is the formation of primary doctors necessary for prevention and health care services in Puerto Rico and abroad.

During the celebrated ceremony, a total of 193 students were presented with their academic degrees as health professionals, of which 67 students received degrees in Doctor in Medicine, and 126 students, coming from the Bachelor’s and Associate Degree in Medical Images Programs, received their degrees in their respective specialties: Master’s in Health Sciences in Substance Abuse Counseling and Master’s in Biomedical Sciences.

It is worth pointing out that the second graduate class in medicine of the UCC graduated in 1981, thereby celebrating its 30th anniversary. As part of the activities that took place, many members of the Class of ’81 were present and celebrated with their new colleagues, some of which were their own children.