UCC and MIT in Cognitive Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Partnership

The Center for Brain and Mind Machines (CBMM) of MIT has selected the Universidad Central del Caribe as a partner institution together with Howard University, Hunter College, the University of Puerto Rico, Queen’s College and Wellesley College. The goal of this program, based at MIT, is to attract more women and minorities into the complex interdisciplinary field of cognitive neuroscience and artificial intelligence. To reach this goal the center has partnered with several institutions that have a significant number of women and minority students, and a strong interest in developing closer interactions between their computer science and neuroscience faculty. CBMM will offer workshops, summer research internships, seminar series, faculty sabbaticals, and will help develop a novel curriculum to increase exposure to computational neuroscience. Our Faculty member, Dr. Ramon Jorquera, who is a former MIT trainee, has accepted to serve in this endeavor ad honorem. For more details please visit https://cbmm.mit.edu