Three million dollars granted for Clinical Research


RCM & UCC  Title V Cooperative Team.

San Juan- The Medical Science Campus of the Universidad de Puerto Rico (MSC-UPR) and the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) will receive a grant in the amount of $3.25 million, for a period of five years, to promote new research opportunities in translational clinics for undergraduate students from health profession programs and support faculty efforts towards this objective. This initiative arises after the approval of a Department of Education Title V- Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Programs – collaborative grant.

This effort will directly impact students and faculty from the undergraduate programs in the Health Professions and Nursing Schools of the MSC and the Medical Images Technology Program of the UCC.

“This initiative responds to the institutional mission of forming professionals and to follow research issues pertinent to the quality of life of our population.  It is a collaborative effort which adds to the endeavors  by which the Medical Science Campus and Universidad Central del Caribe have been benefiting the country”, stated doctor Noel J. Aymat Santana, MSC’s Chancellor.

Translational research aspires to take relevant findings and impact the way health conditions are treated, diagnosed and managed.  It takes into consideration the needs of the communities suffering from specific health needs.

“With this innovative collaborative Project – Expanding Undergraduate Students Education, Opportunities and Options in Clinical and Translational Research- and the proposed intervention strategies, we are responding to the need of equipping these professionals, from their academic foundation, with research skills which will translate to our community’s well-being”, stated Dr. Rubén García García, Project Director for this Title V Collaborative grant within the UPR-MSC and UCC.

“At the Universidad Central del Caribe we are very enthusiastic with this collaborative effort.  Our undergraduate students and faculty will have the opportunity of developing and fostering research projects which we are confident will benefit our country and those communities which we serve.  That, without a doubt, boosts our mission”, commented Dr. José Ginel Rodríguez Irizarry, UCC President.

As part of this project a Center for Research Education and Science Communication Opportunities (CRESCO) will be created in both institutions’ libraries.  This Center, which will have a virtual component, will provide the needed support to undergraduate students in the strengthening of their basic research skills and will promote their pathway to graduate studies.  Furthermore, it will support the professional development of the undergraduate faculty, improving their skills and capacities in translational research, enriching their courses and acting as mentors to their students.

“The Medical Images Technology Program of the UCC is honored to participate in this Project which will offer new opportunities to our students.  We foresee the development of a Medical Images Center which will offer services to our constituents and to neighboring communities, bringing together the perfect combination of education, service and research” stated Dr. José Rafael Moscoso Álvarez, the UCC’s Medical Images Technology Program Director and Project Co-director.

The Project also proposes a component for undergraduate student and faculty training.  This includes Research Education Towards Opportunities (RETO), a series of workshops directed to provide undergraduate students and faculty members knowledge, tools and skills in translational clinical research.  Additionally, the program Mentorship Offering Training Opportunities for Research (MOTOR) will integrate graduate students and faculty as peer mentors.  In another effort, Intensive Development and Experiences in Advancement of Research and Increased Opportunities (IDEARIO), participants will have the opportunity to interact with established researchers, such as Dr. Margarita Irizarry Ramírez, member of the Project’s team of collaborators .

“The generation of researchers we are educating now needs to be exposed to new research focuses in the health sciences.  The practical experience is one of the strongest and efficient tools to understand these models and our Project will allow undergraduate faculty and students to design research questions which respond particularly to the health needs of Puerto Rico”, emphasized Dr. Margarita Irizarry Ramírez, one of the Project’s Co-Coordinators at the MSC.


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