AT&T Supports UCC Scholarship Fund


(at the center) Dr. José Ginel Rodríguez, President and Dean of Medicine, Mr. Ramón “Ray” Flores, Vice-president of AT&T and (at the left) Professor Elaine Ruiz from the Medical Imaging Program with scholarship recipients.


Philanthropy has played a significant role at the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) since its foundation as a non-profit institution. Over the years, major contributions from loyal supporters have provided the resources to help the UCC become the highly regarded institution of higher learning for which it is known today. Because the UCC is so deeply indebted to its many benefactors, recognition for the significance of their gifts is a top priority for the University.  Dr. José Ginel Rodríguez, President and Dean of Medicine of the Universidad Central del Caribe, announces with enthusiasm that a group of eligible students have received a scholarship through the noble gesture of AT&T.  “We are most pleased with the commitment and support that AT&T has shown in support of our students and are very thankful to announce that, after last year’s donation for this, the second consecutive year, AT&T has graciously increased its donation, on the amount of $60,000, to provide thirty-two academic excellence and need-based scholarships, which will allow eligible fulltime students to continue pursuing health profession degrees.”—said doctor Rodríguez. Thirty-two students with satisfactory academic performance, financial need, and a demonstrated commitment to their careers received a scholarship on UCC Scholarship Annual Event.