Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Martínez Montemayor and her Laboratory Members


Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Martínez Montemayor and her laboratory members.  They (Dr. Michelle Martínez Montemayor, Dr. Ivette Suarez-Arroyo, Jeremy Feliciano-Ildefonso, Gabriela Ortiz-Soto, Tiffany Rios-Fuller) have all obtained travel awards to attend the 2016 American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Meeting.

Dr. Martínez Montemayor travel will be sponsored by the ASCB MAC FRED program which is funded by the NSF and the NIH.  Dr. Ivette Suarez-Arroyo is a postdoctoral fellow, Jeremy Feliciano-Ildefonso is a medical student, Gabriela Ortiz-Soto is a M.S. student, and Tiffany Rios-Fuller is a Ph.D. student. They have all received sponsorship from the NIH and the ASCB Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) to attend and present at the 2016 Annual Meeting.