Scientific Discovery that Provides a New Approach for the Fight Against Malaria

Scientists from the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) have discovered what will provide a new approach to fight malaria. This important discovery was recently published in the scientific magazine Nature International Weekly Journal of Science. The scientific research, Superparamagnetic Properties of Hemozoin, was a joint effort by UCC researchers Dr. Michael Inyushin, Dr. Yuri Kucheryavih, Dr. Lilia Kucheryavih and Dr. Legier Rojas; a researcher from the Universidad de Algarve in Portugal, Dr. Khmelinskii; and a researcher from the Universidad de Puerto Rico, Dr. Makarov.
Figure 3

The asexual forms of the malaria parasite (Plasmodium spp) are nourished by the degradation of hemoglobin, the main protein in red blood cells, and as a byproduct, hemozoin accumulates in the parasite’s digestive vacuole. What the published scientific research notably reports is that hemozoin possesses superparamagnetic properties. The discovery of hemozoin’s properties is important since this will allow a new approach in the fight against malaria.

Published in the Prestigious Science Journal Nature

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