The UCC celebrated the Commencement Ceremony of the Internal Medicine Residency Program

IMResidents 2015

From left to right Dr. Edgar Hernández Montalvo, Dr. Juan J. Candelario González, Dr. Dora A. Lebrón Figueroa, Dr. Marvin Matta Rivera, Dr. Julian Guia García, Dr. Roberto Guerra del Castillo, Dr. Marisol Álvarez León, Dr. Hayda Torres Salinas, Dr. Erick A. Casanova Rivera, Dr. Sahyli Pérez Parra, Dr. Elissa Carrera González, Dr. Jonathan Caldera Colón, Dr. Raúl Tarud Sabbag, Dr. Iván Cruz Repollet and Dr. Larry Liriano Espinal

The Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) and the Internal Medicine Residency Program, whose base hospital is the Hospital Universitario Dr. Ramon Ruiz Arnau (HURRA), celebrated the Commencement Ceremony of its medical residents. The ceremony, held at the González Gallardo facilities at the Hospital, reunited employees, friends and family to celebrate this important achievement. Eight physicians completed the requirements under the Internal Medicine Residency, while eleven concluded a preliminary Internship in Internal Medicine.

The main guest speaker was Dr. Sarimar August, a distinguished graduate from the UCC Residency Program in Internal Medicine, who is on a subspecialty in endocrinology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. In a brief and emotional message, Dr. August urged the graduates to strive for their goals and find the joy in the practice of medicine.  On the other side, Dr. Jose Ginel Rodriguez, President and Dean of Medicine, congratulated these medical residents for their efforts and persistence in achieving their goal, and encouraged them to direct their careers to the wellness of patients.

The Internal Medicine Residency is accredited by the American Council for Graduate Medical Education, ACGME, for its acronym in English since 1978. In all these years, has graduated more than 400 medical specialists in Internal Medicine at the service of Puerto Rico and some states of the American nation.