UCC Congratulates Sandy Algaze for her achievement …

SandraSandra had the opportunity to work in collaboration with the investigators in the Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Pediatric Liver Transplant Program at Stanford University, Lucile Packard Hospital in a study entitled the “Impact of an Adolescent Liver Transplant Clinic on Clinical Outcomes.” The study findings suggest that a specialized, multidisciplinary adolescent liver transplant clinic has the potential to improve adherence in a high-risk group of adolescent liver transplant recipients. This is clinically important as non-adherence is associated with increased morbidity and mortality post-transplant and adolescents are particularly susceptible to non-adherence. The teen clinic was associated with reduced mortality due to non-adherence related chronic rejection. Through a generous funding from UCC and the UCC School of Medicine Alumni Association, she was given the opportunity to convey these important findings in an abstract oral presentation at this year’s International Pediatric Transplantation Association (IPTA) meeting held in July 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. The presentation was a great success and the study was well received by the conference attendees. Attending the conference gave our medicine student, Sandra Algaze, an important exposure to the most recent advances and challenges in clinical and basic science related to pediatric transplantation and further enhanced her interest in the fields of transplant medicine and gastroenterology.

Her participation in the conference was truly enriching and will certainly be invaluable to her academic and professional future.