The CVS Caremark Charitable Trust granted Medicina Urbana $20,000

It is a pleasure to announce that Medicina Urbana, a UCC School of Medicine student organization, has been selected to receive a grant in the total amount of $20,000, by the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust.  The mission of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust is to give back to the communities which they serve, through charitable contributions, colleague engagement, and by raising awareness of important issues impacting neighborhoods across the country.

This distinction has been granted to Medicina Urbana for its commitment to provide health care services to underserved populations.  CVS commended the efforts of Medicina Urbana, making them one of 40 awardees out of a pool of 410 organizations that applied for health care funding.

About Medicina Urbana:  In 2008, a group of first year medical students came together with a vision of community. They saw a community where the barriers to medical care are overcome by the hard work and compassion of our brightest young minds. Where medical students learn not just with the clinical skills they are taught in the classroom, but to understand the hardships and dreams of the people they intend to serve. The “homeless” cease to be a nameless mass and become the 3,000 human beings living on the streets of San Juan, each one with their own individual story. They called it Medicina Urbana, which translates as urban or street medicine.

The Medicina Urbana organization at the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) adopts a broad-based framework to meet the health and social needs of highly vulnerable populations. As an extension of the UCC’s continuous commitment to its community, Medicina Urbana is an exemplary program serving marginalized populations both in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Contact Medicina Urbana and invite them to your community at: