Getting to Know Careers in Health and Sciences

The Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC), through the creation of its Puerto Rico Area Health Education Center (PRAHEC) program, is developing and implementing strategies to promote education among young people interested in being able to obtain a health related profession, in particular, for those young persons financially disadvantaged or those coming from rural areas.

On the 3rd of November, 2011, a Career Day took place at the Hospital Universitario Ramon Ruiz Arnau Amphitheatre, titled: Getting to Know Careers in Health and Sciences.  The following entities and program members participated in this activity:

  • Upward Bound of the Inter Ponce and Universidad Central del Bayamón.
  • HOSA of Caguas of the Vocational School República de Costa Rica.

These following entities work with high school students that are economically disadvantaged, and they offer academic aid to improve educational opportunities that will make possible university admissions:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico from the Ramos Antonini and Las Margaritas public housing projects, which inspire and prepare young people, developing their maximum potential and forming them into productive, responsible and dedicated citizens.
  • Ana Jacobo High School of Cidra.

The young attendees received information and orientation regarding the diversity of careers in health, which will serve as guides for them to make better decisions concerning their possible areas of preference in these professions.

Lecture subjects offered were as follows: Medicine by Dr. Hamid Galib, Careers in Mental Health by Dr. Omar Pérez and Prof. Minerva Morales, MOC, and Biomedical Sciences by Ms. Yomarie Rivera, MS.  In addition, the event also had the participation of the School of Medical Professions (UPR), represented by Prof. Amarilis Pagán, and Forensic Sciences by Brenda Pla, Forensic Investigator II.  The latter was especially popular with the young crowd, since through the use of true life images an effective presentation was made concerning the wide variety of areas dealt with at the Institute of Forensic Sciences of PR.

Additionally, a dynamic and educational presentation was enjoyed, offered by the Emergency Response Training Center (ERTC) and first aid demonstrations given by Mr. Roberto López;   Clinical Skills Development Center by Dr. José L. Oliver and Anatomical Laboratory by Ms. Natalia Valentin, Instructor.

All in all, it was a most successful event, where young people were able to obtain new knowledge and experiences which will help them make better, informed decisions regarding their professional future.