The Universidad Central del Caribe Celebrates Career Day

The Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC), by creating their program titled Puerto Rico Area Health Education Center (PRAHEC), has established the goal of implementing strategies for providing education to a group of individuals interested in obtaining a health related profession, in particular, to persons of limited economic resources or that come from rural areas.

This program, financed by the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), looks to develop health professionals who, once having completed their professional preparation, will provide their services to the different areas of the island that have limited health services available.

The first Career Day took place during the month of April, titled “Getting to Know Careers in Health and the Sciences”. During the activity, various high schools in the area participated, such as: Escuela Dr. Agustin Stahl, Tomas C. Ongay Vocational, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (Bayamon), Laura Mercado Vocational (San German) and Bernardino Cordero Bernard Vocational (Ponce); also present was Proyecto Nacer. Attendees received information and orientation on the diversity of careers in health. In addition, they learned how to prepare themselves academically at the high school and undergraduate levels, as well as being advised on licenses, exams and qualifications required. Furthermore, they learned the importance of studying at an accredited institution, and on program accreditations by specialty.

The subjects offered during the lectures were as follows: “Careers in Health” by D. Hamid Galib; “Careers in Mental Health” by Dr. Omar Perez and Prof. Maria del Mar Garcia; “Biomedical Sciences” by Mr. Lissette Arroyo; “Radiology Technology” by Dr. Jose Moscoso; and “School of Health Professions” (UPR) by Prof. Amarilis Pagan.

Additionally, those present enjoyed a dynamic and educational demonstration in first aid by the Emergency Response Training Center (ERTC), offered by Mr. Roberto Lopez, Coordinator of Technology Resources; “Clinical Skills Center” presentation by Dr. Jose L. Oliver; and “Anatomy Laboratory” presentation by Dr. Elizabeth De Leon and instructor Natalia Valentin.